How do you get your life together while struggling with depression?

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It eats at you every morning. There are burning questions upon waking that are always met with fatigue, a desire to return to bed, to be away from your loved ones and hobbies. It's become a normal thing for you to miss everything you used to do. There's a wedding coming up and you don't want to go. Is it possible to even move forward and get back to living?

The first thing you should do is breath, because it's always a possibility to begin anew. So sit upright and take a long, deep breath. Touch the thing beating in your chest and realize that you have purpose. You're alive and depression has not eaten you like the behemoth it is. It's gotten a bad reputation, it struts around like it owns the place and other people stare and wiggle their eyebrows at it. You struggle with it's chains, but it's not over. You can get your life together.

You cannot, and will not, give up. The first step is getting out of bed. That's something you do every morning, so every day you're already beginning to beat it back. The goal is to continue the fight, remind yourself that you're a warrior, and it takes more than depression to drag your life down.

Everything you do is in your hands. There are people who hate specific things about their lives but choose not to change it. You're all the change you need. It's imperative that you treat your own hands like a pair of magician's gloves. Every decision and influence will begin influence your life. So now you must begin a list of the things that drag you down.

Are you eating healthy? Eating food devoid of nutrition can weigh down your mood. Eating nutritionally dense foods can strengthen not only your body, but your mind. The issue for people with depression is they seem to think comfort food will solve their problems. They put unhealthy items in their body, which weighs them down. The body is your shell for your soul. If maintenance is not kept up on it, your life will drag. So we begin at the base. Eat correctly, exercise, and treat yourself kindly because you deserve it. Taking a walk and breathing fresh air will benefit you more than sitting in front of a TV or computer. It will calm your mind and smooth your body.

When you have your health, you have the most basic of all human principles. Now understand yourself socially as best as you can. Has your depression been pushing your close friends and family away? The people that love us will always be by our sides. When our anxiety has charged through the door without knocking, when we need someone to cry with, the last thing we should ever do is push them away. Depression seeks to isolate us and break us down. Along with treating your body right, you can fight it by surrounding yourself with love. People who support you but still challenge you and push you to achieve your goals.

Yes, you must have goals if you want to get your life together. There is a overblown idea of what a goal is. You may hear friends say that their goals are to get a masters degree, to travel the world, to write a book, and their grandiose ideals can stress you out. So let me say this; a goal can be big or small. For some of us, we have to take baby steps before we conquer the world. Some of us aim to get through the day without breaking down. Some even just want to get around to brushing their hair. Whatever you need to do, the person who knows what is best is yourself. Set your goals, don't be ashamed if they don't follow through. If you have a day where you cant bring yourself to leave the house, get ready to try again tomorrow. Part of getting everything together again is determination and willpower. The inability to let depression pull you underground is what will save you.

Last, remember that there are people out there like you. You're not alone, you will never be alone. If you reach out to those who have been there before, you can develop an army of growth and joy. You can march through the streets of your life shouting you have the best shield against this mental anguish. Support is out there, you have the resources, try every day.

Keep on moving, we all know you can beat this.

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